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Residential Placement & Consultant, Inc.

Established in 1987

Specializing Closed Head Injuries Deficits

"Individual attendant care, comprehensive semi-independent living program for the neurologically impaired"

Exposing our residents to real-life situation

Community based prog‚Äčram

Activities are closely supervised (RPC Staff)

Multiple apartment sites are utilized

Residential Placement & Consultant, Inc. (RPC)

RPC is dedicated to successful transition into greater independence. Th move from a residential facility into Semi-Independent Living need not be difficult. However, careful planning is needed to maximize success.

RPC has created a transition program designed to enhance continuity of care. Successful transition is accomplished by educating our staff to the individual supports that have been successful for the client within the home or previous rehabilitation setting.

Quality of life is of primary importance to RPC staff. Our goal is to develop and maximize individual strengths.

RPC has designed a sound program conducive for bridging the gaps between dependence and self-reliance.

Supported Living has proven it value in the Rehab process.

1.  Provide a natural living environment with minimal dependence on staff

2. Maintain long-term stability of rehabilitation gains.

3. Help develop copping skills

4. Lean compensatory strategies

Attendants assist with Activities such as:


Advanced ADL's

Money/Budget Management


Community Mobility

Safety Awareness

Medication Management

Networking Community Resources

Reinforcement of Long-term Rehabilitation Goals

We Meet Individual needs:

Supportive Living

Support Systems for Semi-Independent living focused on attendant assistance for residual cognitive, physical and social deficits

Case Management

Coordination of services for individual rehabilitation planning

Long Term Attendant care with home

Community Reintegration

Health Education

Additional Coordinated Services Available:

Psychological Counseling

Social Work

Occupational Therapy

Speech Language Pathology

Vocational Services

Substance Counseling

Registered Nurse

Community Programming

Adapted Leisure Activities

Tutorial Services

Respite Care Services:

Also available for short and long term care needs

Tell us how we can help

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2890 Carpenter Road, Suite1400
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


PH (734) 677-3222
FAX (734) 677-3348


Mon-Fri: 800 am - 4:00 pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed